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This page lists ideas for interesting Quixote-based applications. If you want to begin developing any of these ideas, please do! (And add a link to this page.)

Generic DB framework, described on the Web-SIG. How about starting with a lightweight db browser, e.g. OracleEditor.php in proper Quixote/python and with a generic backend? Within the theme of generic db framework it would serve as a demo / app. component, and also as a programming tool. Anybody here familiar with Ruby On Rails?

A Slashdot-like forum. Some work has been done on this; see the BulletinBoardProject page.

Task-oriented OO Python tutorial, using Quixote to build both Web site and command-line and/or GUI application at same time, substantiating claim that "Novice programmers can also learn Quixote and once learned, their new-found [Python] skills can be applied to other Python programming tasks." http://www.quixote.ca/overview/paper

2010-09-22 22:14