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The quixote.demo package contains a demo application that shows off most of Quixote's features. Note that many parts of Quixote are optional (e.g. PTL, the form framework) so if something doesn't make sense for your application, feel free to ignore it.

The quixote/server/*_server.py modules all work as scripts as well. By default, they use the demo package as the Quixote application to be published. Therefore, to run a stand-alone server that shows off the Quixote demo, run quixote/server/simple_server.py. Note that simple_server.py takes --host and --port as command line options (in case you don't like the defaults).

If you would like to use the quixote.demo package as a template you can copy it as a different Python package and fix a few imports (change the import lines with "quixote.demo" to your new package name). You can then start a stand-alone server using a command like the following:

    python quixote/server/simple_server.py --factory mydemo.create_publisher

2010-09-22 22:14