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Development on Slashcode seems to be grinding to a halt. AMK wants to work on a Quixote-based equivalent named Solidus.


  1. Support pretty much the same feature set. Moderation/meta-moderation will not be supported; there needs to be a better, less-complicated way.
  2. Good URL and software design; generates well-formed HTML and uses CSS.
  3. Expose useful information via RSS/RDF.
  4. Must be equally scalable. (We probably can't test on an equally large user population, but we should try to do as good a job as we can.)


  1. Use the same DB schema as Slashcode. (The schema is too messy and ugly, so supporting it would be hard. We can write a conversion script if we need to support the transition from Slashcode to Solidus.)

Good URL design means that it won't be URL-compatible with Slashcode, which has really ugly URLs.

The CSS redesign has already been done for us.

See [SlashcodeNotes] for what I learned looking through the Perl code base.

(Suggestion from random user: look at Xaraya ( http://xaraya.org ) design which is an evolution (Slashcode->PHP-Nuke->Postnuke->Xaraya) of Slashcode in PHP.)

Current status

The code is not yet packaged for downloaded. The current development tree is available from svn://svn.amk.ca/public/solidus/trunk/ .

Code can display stories from the database, but doesn't display comments, or provide any way to submit new stories or new user comments.

2010-09-22 22:14