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Most people find it easiest to start with something that works and build from there. The Quixote mini demo should get you up and running in minutes. You can feel confident that Quixote will provide the flexibility and scalability to handle your site (douban.com does 5 million page requests per day with their Quixote server). Okay, enough hype.

Grab and install the latest Quixote package (http://quixote.ca/releases/Quixote-latest.tar.gz). Running the `quixote/demo/mini_demo.py' script will start a stand-alone HTTP server listening on http://localhost:8080 that contains a very simple Quixote application. If you don't want to use port 8080, copy the script and edit it.

Want more? Check out the the BeyondTheMiniDemo page..

2010-09-22 22:14