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Quixote Powered logos

I put together some logos that could be used on sites running Quixote. The main idea is to have a fairly neutral background that would blend well into most pages, the words "Powered by Quixote of course, and some Quixotic attribute. I chose to draw a windmill that hopefully reflects the honorable attempt at "yet another python web framework" with a little "Monty Pythonic twist" (5 blades ;) ).

Directory with all versions

First version Largest logo.
Second version Largest logo.

Third version of this logo set, based on suggestions by A. Kuchling and J. Dukarm.
Largest logo.
Medium logo.
Small logo.
Yet Smaller logo.

Here is a more traditional 4-blade windmill logo, too: Largest logo.

Oleksandr (Alex) Moskalenko Drop me a line at malex@tagancha.org if you'd like more changes.

Alternative windmill

A five bladed windmill is a little strange looking. I've drawn a (IMHO) cool looking windmill based on a photo of a real windmill: Alternate windmill

It's too busy work a small resolutions but it could be simplified. I've made a basic logo using it:


Yet another choice

2x size

Dmitry V Selitsky, opera7[@]gmx.net

2010-09-22 22:14