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I package things like Quixote, SimpleTAL, ReportLab, etc. for internal development and have them in a yum repository. There are packages available for RedHat 9, Fedora Core 1 and Fedora Core 2. The main change to these packages is that they largely follow the Fedora guidelines and have all been renamed to fit the "python-$packagename" guidelines, where $packagename is the name of the package you actually import, not the upstream name.

Of interest to folks on this list specifically, the python-quixote package includes a patch to adds two options: quixote-document-root quixote-script-name

These options were added to help resolve some of the mod_python/quixote problems. quixote-document-root specifies the actual directory in which the python sources lie (to be used inside a <Directory> or <VirtualHost> directive). quixote-script-name specifies the part of the URL path that refers to the quixote script (for use inside <Location> and <LocationMatch> directives). If neither option is present, or you don't use mod_python, there is no difference between Quixote-1.0 and the python-quixote package.

If you are interested in the RPMS, you can add the following to your /etc/yum.conf:

For RedHat users:

name=Shahms' RedHat RPMS

For Fedora Core users:

name=Fedora Shahms - $releasever - $basearch

2010-09-22 22:14