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I've created an experimental Subversion repository containing the current Quixote code plus my own bugfixes and experiments.

Warning: This is an experimental repository; do NOT rely on it!

Also, this is not a fork of Quixote development; I have no intention of ever cutting a release from the code in this repository. Changes will be fed back to the Quixote maintainers as appropriate.

Getting it

First, go download and install the Subversion version-control system.

Then you can check out the latest version of the code::

svn co svn://svn.amk.ca/public/quixote/trunk quixote        

/public/quixote/trunk is the current head of the development tree. Previous releases of Quixote are available from the /public/quixote/branches directory; you can use svn list to view the contents of this directory.

Suggested patches

In this section, please add links to patches that should be considered for inclusion in the experimental repository. Inclusion of a patch does not mean that the patch will show up in the next version of Quixote.

2010-09-22 22:14