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Quixote Wiki

This Wiki collects tips and techniques for the Quixote web application framework.

For developers using Quixote

Get up and running in minutes with the MiniDemo.

Documentation is available in the doc/ subdirectory of the Quixote distribution.

Important: Quixote 2 breaks backwards compatibility with Quixote 1.x. As a result, articles and tutorials written for Quixote 1 will not work for Quixote 2. The general ideas are the same but the APIs are different enough to break things. Most pages in this wiki have been updated to use the Quixote 2 APIs. Pages that use the Quixote 1 API should be in the CategoryQuixote1. If you are a Quixote guru, please consider updating one of these pages for Quixote 2.

Got a "How do I do..." question? Check the QuixoteCookbook and see if there's a recipe for your problem.



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